Crisp & No Fuss Pleated Blinds

The most popular reason for acquiring any type of pleated blind is their heat saving characteristics, although there are many other reasons why you could be inclined to choose them like functionality, design, style or just for aesthetic reasons. Pleated blinds will provide your window with a softer look and they will look equally fine when raised than when drawn down. To sum up to all these attractive characteristics, we should add that this is probably one of the most luxurious choice of blinds and it is no doubt the perfect one when you are planning to create in your conservatory the cosy haven of your dreams. Conservatories have traditionally been considered a draughty room under bad weather conditions but we know that people love to make the most of this much-loved space also in winter time. Choosing a good set of pleated blinds will certainly be a great addition to any type of conservatory as it allows enough light to penetrate through its windows while providing the privacy you would require. They will fit into any window frames and they will offer the possibility to be pulled up during the day. When this is done to their full extent, the fabric will wrap around and enable the window to be visible. When these blinds are closed, you will find that they can help you create the perfect shelter out of your conservatory.

Conservatory blinds are a favourite choice for conservatories because they offer a myriad of possibilities when it is versatility we are interested in. If you are lucky enough to own one. Conservatory blinds will always add hugely to that look of warmth to your room.

Lower energy bills

One thing to point out, you must have noticed how your utility bills keep rising year after year. According to energy regulators, the average energy bill is approximately £1,500 over a year in the UK and, what is worse, forecasters keep announcing that this amount could double by 2018. In this sense, energy saving thermal blinds is the perfect choice to keep you from wasting any more money. Most curtains, blinds or shutters will help you prevent heat escaping through your window frames but it is thermal blinds the ones that will dramatically contribute to reduce this loss by a 50%. Our thermal lined pleated blinds could be of great help thanks to the layers of the material we use for their fabrication, which will help you protect any corner of the house from the cold air. Whatever your choice may be, always bear in mind that choosing an inside layer with thermal properties will certainly make a huge difference, as this layer of fabric will provide not only the insulation required but also a luxuriously warm, stylish and attractive look.