Stylish & Elegant Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are very much ‘ In Vogue’ at the moment.

These are a beautiful addition to your room & will create a Colonial feel too many modern homes.

It is important that you consider that there may be one or two reasons why these may not be suitable for all situations.

First, consider where you are likely to have these blinds & how often you need to move them to get to a window or a door.

The other consideration is to what they are to be fitted to. Will the weight of them ( as they can be very heavy at times ) allow you to pull them up without difficulty or will the fittings take the weight from the effort required to pull them up & down?

Wooden Venetian blinds are by the nature of the material, very bulky & when pulled up may in fact block any top opening windows & restrict air-flow. If fitted over a door, will they restrict headroom?

Natural materials like wood may have a small degree of warping at any time & may warp excessively in very damp areas like bathrooms or in areas of extreme temperature change such as a conservatory.

Fitting Wooden Venetian blinds into PVC-u conservatories can sometimes have limited success and is not recommended.

Consider changing to the lighter weight Aliwood Venetian blinds that will overcome the above situations but still give the look of wood!

After having read these comments you are happy with your choice, then simply pick up the phone & give us a call.

Panda Blinds can do wooden venetian blinds up to 2400 mm wide.