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Panda Blinds Ltd offers a number of window dressing such as aluminium Venetian blinds, Roman, roller, or wood blinds. No matter what kind of window cover you need, Panda Blinds can provide you with quality products that look tasteful yet are functional and durable. The right kind of style to decorate your windows with will depend on the design of your home but the faux wood blinds are popular.

Although authentic wooden venetian blinds are beautiful, they are also more expensive than imitation wood materials. If you want to create the same elegance and beauty that wood produces, you can opt for faux wood blinds as an affordable alternative. You can still have that cosy warm feeling enveloping your room that is produced by a faint stream of light peeking through wood-like window dressing.

Other alternatives are also presentable and functional. Synthetic materials for Venetian blinds for example can come in modern high gloss or matte finish. The choice is yours, depending on the kind of effect you want your window to project. If you have an ultra-modern room design, consider the model with a gloss finish. Matte finishes are more ideal for more conservative tastes.

Faux blinds can also come with a gloss finish. Faux wood blinds are a great material to use to dress your window. It creates a classy finish to your room that can match elegant fixtures and décor. If you want to create a sophisticated and expensive air to your home, consider this kind of finish on either your natural or imitation wood blinds.

There are certain advantages to using imitation wood for your window dressing. This material is easy to clean, inexpensive and can be easily replaced if you want new ones. Faux wood blinds are not sensitive to the climate or temperature and will require less care. It is a great option for long-term or short-term use and is very ideal for those who would rather not spend so much money on real wooden types.

If you are planning to furnish your new home or apartment, consider faux wooden window dressing. This will allow you to stretch your budget since they are not as expensive as real wooden varieties. If you need to move and get new window coverings, it also won’t hurt your pocket as much to leave them behind.   

What is a Faux wood blind?

Faux is French for imitation or false. Faux wood venetian blinds are made of PVC and are  much more durable than wood. They do not warp or fade with the sun. They are easier to keep clean and keep their crispness for much longer.

Dont let the PVC fool you though, these blinds look more like wood than wood itself.

Faux wood venetian blinds are perfect for wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms but look just as good in any room of the house.

Faux wood venetian blinds are also cheaper than wood venetian blinds as the cost of importing wood soars Faux wood venetian blinds are a more affordable version.

Why not call one of our representatives out if you live  in one of our serviced areas just give them a call to arrange a no pressure home visit.

Faux wood effect venetian blinds

Pvc wood effect venetian blindsFaux wood Autumn gold colour

Autumn Gold wood effect

Faux wood chiffon colour

Chiffon wood affect

Faux wood in Cinder colour

Cinder wood effect

Faux wood in Haze colour

Haze wood effect

Faux wood blind in medium oak colour

Medium Oak wood effect

Rustic oak faux wood venetian blinds

Rustic Oak wood effect

White faux wood venetian blinds

Snow white wood effect

Colours available in our Faux wood venetian blinds range are!

Not to be confused with the plastic venetian blinds available in some of the larger discount and DIY stores.

Also available now in Silk black and white and gloss black and white. A totally stunning blind.

Snow white faux wood venetian blind in a modern kitchen Autumn gold faux wood venetian blind White faux wood venetian blinds with tapes in the closed position White faux wood blinds with matching tapes in the open position Tottaly stunning high shine faux wood venetian blind in gloss white colour PLASTIC VENETIAN BLINDS