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Preston window blinds Digital Photo Blinds

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Red Panda Blinds

Affordable, UK quality blinds.

Making your house into a home to be proud of.

 Red Panda Blinds Preston

There are three types of companies selling window blinds in Preston.

1/ The cheap ones where you take pot luck that the blinds will do the job and that they will last more than 12 months.

2/ The top branded names where you do get quality blinds but you will pay dearly for them.

3/ Red Panda Blinds. You get the top quality that all the big brands are selling but you pay less and get a better local service. We will not be the cheapest!  You do not get quality by getting the cheapest but we will not be the most expensive either.


Red Panda Blinds sits right in the middle. Quality British manufactured blinds but at half the price of the big brand names.

We also use local people to the area.

They run their own branch and keep all the profits so the local economy benefits by giving them a job and also keeping the cash flow in the area.

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and you choose in the comfort of your own home. We will give you a price there and then. If you want to go ahead we will sort it out for you. We will not keep ringing you to order if you decide not to.

Have a look at our popular faux wood venetian blinds collection. Many different colours and slat sizes are available at a fraction of the cost of wood venetians or shutters. Tapes can be added to this collection to give a shutter like appearance but you will not get stung for the huge sums being asked for shutter blinds

Our ever popular vertical blind collection is second to none. Many hundreds of colours including washable and rigid PVC slats. Blackout is also available.

We are on Facebook for many towns we cover and have collectively over 3000 followers. You do not get that many followers for nothing. Take a look here at our Preston Facebook page. HERE

So get in touch, book your appointment to suit you and leave the rest up to us.

A sample of some of the blinds fitted recently by Red Panda Blinds of Preston

Blinds Preston

Panda Blinds Preston on FacebookRyan Platts Preston blinds

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Blackout roman blinds Preston

Blackout roller blinds in Preston

Blackout roller blinds in Preston

Joplin Aqua roman blinds in Preston

Joplin Aqua roman blinds in Preston

Dark oak faux wood venetian blinds Preston

Dark oak faux wood venetian blinds Preston

Preston blinds. A stunning roman blind in Shalamar Graphite

Perfect fit venetian blinds in a patio door. Preston

Perfect fit venetian blinds in a patio door. Preston

Preston faux wood venetian blind in chestnut colour

Preston faux wood venetian blind in chestnut colour

Preston conservatory blinds. This is rainforest fabric from one of our most popular collections

Preston conservatory blinds. This is rainforest fabric from one of our most popular collections

Roller blinds Preston. Bamboo black and white fabric

Roller blinds Preston. Bamboo black and white fabric

Vertical blinds Preston

Vertical blinds Preston

Roman blinds Preston. Charcoal colour

Roman blinds Preston. Charcoal colour

Whitfield cotton roman blind, Preston

Blackout roman blinds Preston Whitfield cotton roman blind, Preston Preston blinds. A stunning roman blind in Shalamar Graphite

Digital Photo Blinds

Using our service for digital printed made to measure vertical, venetian & roller blinds open up a whole new world of possibilities for both domestic and commercial customers.

Imagine waking up to a summer day’s vista at your window on a wet and windy day. Or your favourite family holiday snap or your favourite beach scene. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine one of your conservatory sides having a mountain scene the whole length of one wall.

Digitally printed blinds can be used for so many different applications and here are just a few of them

 Advertising hoarding.

 Business receptions.


 Patio doors.


 Bank cashier desk.

 Children’s bedrooms.

 Nursery schools.


 Hotel lobbies.

It’s easy to set this up. Just give me a call and I will arrange to come and see you and guide you through the whole process.

The only limit is your own imagination.

Preston venetian blind with digital photo

The four  blinds below are sample blinds to show the different types of blinds we can do the digital photos on.

Blind 1 is a blackout roller blind

Blind 2 is a 25 mm aluminium venetian blind

Blind 3 is a blackout vertical blind

Blind 4 is a pleated blind

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Digital Photo blinds

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Perfect fit venetian blinds in patio doors

Child safe perfect fit blinds

Senses slow rise roller blind

senses roller blinds mono wand vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

Up until now most vertical blinds have been produced using looped cords with no safety mechanism. This is a noose putting it bluntly. There are options available to secure yours or any children from something happening.

Option 1/  A mono wand operated blind. This wand takes the place of both the tilt chain and the looped cord for opening and tilting the blinds. It is by far the safest option.

Option 2/ Have all controls fixed into a special cleat that will keep the controls away from small children. If you opt for the standard control system this is a required device by law and has to be fitted even into PVC if there is no wall to screw it into.

As of March 2014 it is the responsibility of any blinds installation company to fit safe blinds in all homes and to educate people on the safe use of all window blinds. This may mean a totally child friendly blind is fitted or safety equipment added to the blind to make them safe. Below we have attempted to give explanations of what is available to you, the customer and to try to educate people into taking child safety seriously above and beyond the cosmetics of the blind.

Child safety and blinds explained

Venetian blinds

All venetian blinds have to have a cleat fitted to the raise and lower cord so that when not in use the cords can be wrapped up high out of the way of children.

Available options

1/ Perfect fit blinds with tab control. No trailing cords and the blind is totally child friendly.

Roller blinds

Standard roller blinds come with a chain mechanism. They now have to be fitted with a breakable link that will give when more than 6 kg of weight is applied to it so any child getting caught up in the chain will be able to get free.

The chain must also be screwed into the wall or PVC as a second measure with no exceptions.

Alternatives to the standard option above are.

1/ Spring tensioned mechanism, no chains are required on this type of blind so are totally friendly.

2/ Senses slow rise roller blind. A stylish blind that uses spring tension and has no trailing cords

3/ Perfect fit roller blind. A cassette that incases the roller blind and is tensioned with no cords. These are fitted into separate window panels.

The mono wand

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Child Safety


Make a Bold Statement with Panel Blinds

Offering shade as well as privacy, panel blinds provide a uniform and stylish appearance for any space. Whether in a living room or bedroom, panel blinds help create a clean and simple look. This type of window covering is a trendy and contemporary addition to a room, especially when used for large windows. Panel blinds are also used as room dividers to help organise a large space and divide a room into smaller spaces or for just a little bit of extra privacy.

Everything You Need to Know About Panel Blinds

Easy to install and maintain, panel blinds are mounted on a rail and glide along a wheeled or running track system. These versatile blinds feature overlapping panels that help keep light out when drawn fully. In addition to electrical systems, a manual wand or corded system is often used to effortlessly position panels. Panel blinds can be positioned any way you want to reduce glare or control light, whether to the right or left or split on either side of a window. Higher end panel blinds feature a range of convenient features, such as blackout and privacy liners. Other fabrics may also be used in combination with panel blinds to offer some privacy when panels are drawn during the day.

A Stylish Addition to Any Room

Panel blinds are designed in a variety of styles using a range of materials, colours and patterns that match any décor. These attractive window coverings are available in variety of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics. Large panels of fabric, wood, bamboo and other materials look neat and help control light. Special coatings may also be used to enhance the look and feel of the panels, including coatings that control glare or improve light control. The amount of light control will often depend on the opacity of the blind’s fabric or material, as well as the positioning of the panels.

Panel Blinds from Panda Blinds

Regardless of your style preferences or décor choices, Panda Blinds has an extensive collection of panel blinds that will beautifully complement your room. These elegant window coverings make a statement and help define a space. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a subtle touch of class to your room, our specialists and sales assistants will ensure you find the right set of panel blinds for your home.

Carnival denim panal blind multi coloured panel blinds Back to top

Panel Blinds

Curved vertical blindA blind that follows the curvature of your bay windows

Bays can sometimes be a problem fitting blinds in. You can do this area by placing several blinds side by side. Although this gives good coverage, it is not ideal. Too many controls to deal with can make the overall appearance a bit tacky.

The curved head rail gets over these problems by following the contour of your bay and only requiring one or two controls to operate it.


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Shaped Vertical Blinds

venetian blinds in a conservatory1

Venetian blinds

CONSERVATORY BLINDS RUNCORN in venetians Conservatory pleated blinds in a perfect fit frame1

Perfectfit pleated blinds

Conservatory vertical blinds 1

Vertical blinds

roller blinds in a conservatory1

Roller blinds

Conservatory roller blinds

Roller blinds

Here at Red Panda Blinds  we know that we can turn your conservatory into a room you can use all year round.

There are a lot of different choices,

Pleated Blinds using fabrics with Sun Protective Coatings for the roof will reflect damaging UV rays, and protecting your furnishings from fading and sun damage also keeping out the intense heat, which makes it unbearable to sit in during the summer months. In the winter you will find any heat you put into your conservatory will be retained.

Although the sides can have many different types of blind fitted to them, we can advise what would be best for you, once we know what your requirements are.

Conservatory blinds

Read this guide on choosing conservatory blinds so that you can make educated decisions. It’s long but worth reading.

So you have yourself a green house. Yes, I know it’s a conservatory, but its glass. So is for all intents and purposes a greenhouse.

Your conservatory is too hot to sit in during the summer months and too cold during the winter months.

When people have conservatories built they should always factor in at least blinds for the side windows.

So what can you do about it?

Well below  we have listed all the blinds for the side windows that are available to you. Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest fabric you can find. It is just a false economy. If you cannot afford the best then save up. It will be worth it in the long run.

So this list will guide you in choosing your conservatory blinds. We have tried to list them in order of expense. The first being, in general the cheapest option and the last, the most expensive.

Vertical blinds.

These are the most versatile blinds for conservatory sides. There are several types in this category. Fabric blinds, blackout blinds, rigid blinds.

Fabric blinds come in hundreds of styles and colours. The deeper the colour the more prone to fading they will be over the years. Some come with a protective backing that reflects the sun’s rays out and keeps harmful UVA rays from hitting your furniture. Most decent fabric blinds will keep the UVA rays down but cheap inferior ones will not.

Blackout vertical blinds. These will blot out the sun totally. They are rarely used in a conservatory because it can end up too dark. No sun or UVA rays will come through these.

Rigid PVC blinds. These are similar to blackout in properties but need no weights and chains on them. They come in lots of styles and textures but again, will darken your conservatory as well as protect it.

The quality of the head rails on all vertical blinds is essential.

There are lots on the market. Some from China that are made of tin, some are stripped down copies of better product. They need to be UVA stable. We use only UVA stabilised head rails. Sleek finish and quality chrome chains. They are self lubricating which is another important factor.

A great deal of head rail components come from what is called cold country produce. What this means is that tiny chips of plastic are crushed together to form the product. Over time these turn to powder and everything breaks down. We use molten injected plastics so it is fully formed and UVA stable. It will not break down.

Roller blinds.

These come in any colour you want. Shapes and bars can be added to the bottom to give them that unique personal feel.  Again, roller blinds can be normal fabric, blackout fabric or sun protective fabric. The first being the cheapest.

Two things to bear in mind with roller blinds. Firstly, they are either up or down. If it’s hot then you have them down which stops you seeing out. They are not as versatile as vertical blinds or venetian blinds.

Secondly, because of the nature of roller blinds, complete coverage can rarely be achieved. So you are likely to have a few inches of uncovered glass here and there, especially in corners where two roller blinds butt up together.

Aluminium venetian blinds.

Just as versatile as vertical blinds. These come in hundreds of colours and styles, including wood effect and metallic’s. They are fairly good sun blockers as they are made from light aluminium.

Again two things to be aware of. Firstly, they need to come away from the main walls to enable them to clear handles. A good company rep will point this out to you. If not then don’t use them.

Secondly, they do collect the dust. This is easily solved by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment moving with the grain of the blind. So not really an issue but something to be aware of.

Wooden Venetian blinds.

Can be used in a conservatory and the same things apply to these as normal venetian blinds.

Two further points to consider with wooden venetian blinds are weight. This can be an issue and again, a decent company rep will advise you.

Secondly, warping can occur due to the adverse heat in your conservatory windows. Wood venetians are a natural product made of ummmmm, wood.

Wood warps in sunlight, not always but be aware it can happen. If it does, there is nothing you can do about it.

Faux wood venetian blinds, PVC.

Faux wood venetian blinds are a relativly new blind to the market and although you have been able to get PVC venetian blinds from chain stores in the past they are definitely not the same. Faux wood blinds are much more substantial and rigid. A competent fitter should be able to fit these into a conservatory and miss out all handles. The only thing to be aware of though is they do not suit south facing conservatories or very hot conservatories as the heat will warp them and natural wood is a far better choice.

Pleated blinds.

Again these come in hundreds of styles and colours and different backings. Normal fabric, blackout fabric and sun Protective backings. Beware of cheap imitations as quality pleated blinds are 2 fabrics layered one on top of the other which enables it to retain its pleats. Cheap imitation ones are actually paper. You cannot tell and the company selling them will not tell you. These are not cheap blinds so make sure they are made by a reputable company.

Pleated blinds can be free hang or tensioned.

Free hang is the cheaper method of the two and means it hangs down top to bottom with a cord or chain to raise or lower them.

Tensioned pleated blinds can fit again top to bottom or into each individual frame. They run on wires called filos and have a tab handle which enables you to raise or lower them to the desired height. The tensioned pleated blinds are also child friendly with no hanging cords for children to get caught up in.

Roman blinds.

These are the most opulent styles from all the collections. Once again they come in hundreds of different colours and fabrics from sheer silks to heavy patterns.

Similar in style to roller blinds they are either up or down. They can be done in a standard lining, usually biscuit colour or white depending on the actual fabric you choose. They can also be done in a black out lining which again is cream or white.

OK now on to Perfect fit blinds.

So what is a perfect fit blind? Well contrary to what people believe, it’s not me blowing my own trumpet.

Perfect fit blinds are a frame, usually white that clips into your original conservatory window frame. No drilling is required for these and that is why they are getting very popular.

Blinds that can go in these frames are pleated blinds, roller blinds, 25 mm wooden venetian blinds and 25 mm aluminium blinds. Obviously these come at a premium price but are well worth the extra if you want to keep a sleek, modern look in your conservatory and not take up your entire window ledge.


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Conservatory Blinds

Faux wood effect venetian blinds

Panda Blinds Ltd offers a number of window dressing such as aluminium Venetian blinds, Roman, roller, or wood blinds. No matter what kind of window cover you need, Panda Blinds can provide you with quality products that look tasteful yet are functional and durable. The right kind of style to decorate your windows with will depend on the design of your home but the faux wood blinds are popular.

Although authentic wooden venetian blinds are beautiful, they are also more expensive than imitation wood materials. If you want to create the same elegance and beauty that wood produces, you can opt for faux wood blinds as an affordable alternative. You can still have that cosy warm feeling enveloping your room that is produced by a faint stream of light peeking through wood-like window dressing.

Other alternatives are also presentable and functional. Synthetic materials for Venetian blinds for example can come in modern high gloss or matte finish. The choice is yours, depending on the kind of effect you want your window to project. If you have an ultra-modern room design, consider the model with a gloss finish. Matte finishes are more ideal for more conservative tastes.

Faux blinds can also come with a gloss finish. Faux wood blinds are a great material to use to dress your window. It creates a classy finish to your room that can match elegant fixtures and décor. If you want to create a sophisticated and expensive air to your home, consider this kind of finish on either your natural or imitation wood blinds.

There are certain advantages to using imitation wood for your window dressing. This material is easy to clean, inexpensive and can be easily replaced if you want new ones. Faux wood blinds are not sensitive to the climate or temperature and will require less care. It is a great option for long-term or short-term use and is very ideal for those who would rather not spend so much money on real wooden types.

If you are planning to furnish your new home or apartment, consider faux wooden window dressing. This will allow you to stretch your budget since they are not as expensive as real wooden varieties. If you need to move and get new window coverings, it also won’t hurt your pocket as much to leave them behind.   

Faux wood in Cinder colour

Chiffon wood affect

Faux wood chiffon colour

Autumn Gold wood effect

Colours available in our Faux wood venetian blinds range are!

Faux wood Autumn gold colour Snow white faux wood venetian blind in a modern kitchen White faux wood venetian blinds with tapes in the closed position Autumn gold faux wood venetian blind

Also available now in Silk black and white and gloss black and white. A totally stunning blind.

Snow white wood effect

White faux wood venetian blinds

Rustic Oak wood effect

Rustic oak faux wood venetian blinds

Medium Oak wood effect

Faux wood blind in medium oak colour

Haze wood effect

Faux wood in Haze colour

Cinder wood effect

White faux wood blinds with matching tapes in the open position Pvc wood effect venetian blinds

Not to be confused with the plastic venetian blinds available in some of the larger discount and DIY stores.

What is a Faux wood blind?

Faux is French for imitation or false. Faux wood venetian blinds are made of PVC and are  much more durable than wood. They do not warp or fade with the sun. They are easier to keep clean and keep their crispness for much longer.

Dont let the PVC fool you though, these blinds look more like wood than wood itself.

Faux wood venetian blinds are perfect for wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms but look just as good in any room of the house.

Faux wood venetian blinds are also cheaper than wood venetian blinds as the cost of importing wood soars Faux wood venetian blinds are a more affordable version.

Why not call one of our representatives out if you live  in one of our serviced areas just give them a call to arrange a no pressure home visit.

Tottaly stunning high shine faux wood venetian blind in gloss white colourPLASTIC VENETIAN BLINDSBack to top

Faux Wood Blinds