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Washing your vertical blinds

To be able to clean your louvers you must understand the terms.

Washable can be washed in a washing machine. Unhook all weights and chains and remove the louvers from the head rail.  Roll them all up together and place them in to a pillow case making sure they cannot come loose. Seal the pillow case tightly with elastic bands and place in the washing machine on the lowest temperature possible with a few loose towels. Do not use conditioner and only use the minimum of washing detergent.

 Stop the machine before spin dry and remove the louvers.  Hang them back up straight away and replace the weights and chains, they will dry naturally.

Non washable means you can wipe them and probably still wash them but not in a machine. Lay them flat in a bath, use a hand wash powder like fairy snow. Never use washing up liquid as this is mostly salt based.  Do not leave in the bath for more than a few minutes and wipe over them with a sponge or soft cloth.

To wipe them in situ, just use a sponge or cloth with hand wash powder mixed into water to wipe over them.

Wipeable means as above.

Certain fabrics should never have water applied to them as they are bonded fabric with a water based glue and this would just dissolve on contact.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to follow the hand wash instructions rather than a washing machine even if they are machine washable.

If you are unsure which type of fabric you have then use the wipe only method.

Never allow louvers to fold over as creases will not fall out.

Never dry them in direct sunlight.

This is for information only and Panda blinds can not be held responsible for any loss from following these instructions.

If in doubt contact your original supplier for details of how to wash your blinds.

Vertical blind maintenance

Piano black headrail for vertical blind2Aluminium coloured vertical blind headrail2

A few of our Vogue head rails


Piano black

Champagne gold.

Fabric vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a simple, stylish and probably the most versatile shading product  available that is ideal for a variety of windows and doors as well as conservatories.

We have hundreds of different fabric & colour combinations. Fabrics are from the well know and respected Louvolite & Hunter Douglas collections giving unequalled quality.

Louvre widths are 89 mm ( 3.1/2" ) & 127 mm ( 5" ) with 89 mm being by far the most popular size.

Our Slim line Vogue head rail

 creates a much sleeker appearance than most other head rails, which combines with our superior components to create a blind that glides smoothly and effortlessly. Enclosed end caps are included also  for enhanced aesthetics especially suited for outside recess fitting.

Our Vogue head rails are self lubricating and are ultra violet light stable which means they will not break down over time as other inferior head rails do.

Ask about our Black or champagne coloured head rails.

Maintaining your head rails.

During the life time of your vertical blind the head rail can become clogged with dust.

Use a beeswax furniture polish on a dry cloth to wipe the inside walls of the track..

Once clean just wipe a fresh layer of beeswax polish onto the inside of the rail and leave it there to act as a lubricant.

Never use WD 40.

If  you don’t have beeswax furniture polish you can use a candle by just rubbing the inside walls of the head rail with it.