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Make a Bold Statement with Panel Blinds

Offering shade as well as privacy, panel blinds provide a uniform and stylish appearance for any space. Whether in a living room or bedroom, panel blinds help create a clean and simple look. This type of window covering is a trendy and contemporary addition to a room, especially when used for large windows. Panel blinds are also used as room dividers to help organise a large space and divide a room into smaller spaces or for just a little bit of extra privacy.

Everything You Need to Know About Panel Blinds

Easy to install and maintain, panel blinds are mounted on a rail and glide along a wheeled or running track system. These versatile blinds feature overlapping panels that help keep light out when drawn fully. In addition to electrical systems, a manual wand or corded system is often used to effortlessly position panels. Panel blinds can be positioned any way you want to reduce glare or control light, whether to the right or left or split on either side of a window. Higher end panel blinds feature a range of convenient features, such as blackout and privacy liners. Other fabrics may also be used in combination with panel blinds to offer some privacy when panels are drawn during the day.

A Stylish Addition to Any Room

Panel blinds are designed in a variety of styles using a range of materials, colours and patterns that match any décor. These attractive window coverings are available in variety of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics. Large panels of fabric, wood, bamboo and other materials look neat and help control light. Special coatings may also be used to enhance the look and feel of the panels, including coatings that control glare or improve light control. The amount of light control will often depend on the opacity of the blind’s fabric or material, as well as the positioning of the panels.

Panel Blinds from Panda Blinds

Regardless of your style preferences or décor choices, Panda Blinds has an extensive collection of panel blinds that will beautifully complement your room. These elegant window coverings make a statement and help define a space. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a subtle touch of class to your room, our specialists and sales assistants will ensure you find the right set of panel blinds for your home.